About Us

Valdicass Inc. makes window and door replacement and installation simple and affordable, enabling any window to go from old and weathered to new within a day.

Traditional window installations are awkward and your home can become easily damaged when not professionally installed.

As a Platinum Level Certified Contractor partnering directly with Pella Windows and Doors and over 17 years in the Home Improvement Industry, Valdicass Inc. strives for perfection with every project through a 3 step program developed for complete transparency to the homeowner.

Significant energy savings, glare reduction, immediate energy savings, and transparency are only a few of the benefits of working directly with a company like Valdicass Inc.. Valdicass Inc. is planning to execute a strategy to capture and protect a large share of the Window and Door Installation and Replacement market through:
• Expanding and leveraging an intellectual property portfolio based on the use of existing high grade window systems including materials, applications, mechanical control systems, and integration with smart home systems.
• Strategic partnering with global value chain partners through the Platinum Contractor Program with Pella Windows and Doors in Pella, Iowa.
• Development of capabilities to produce custom applications on a large scale to accommodate multiple market segments, sizes, and features.
The Valdicass Inc. approach will deliver a substantial innovation to private homes and public buildings. Market penetration to a constantly growing window and door industry is expected to multiply with our solutions. The societal impacts will include:
• Major reduction in energy use in homes through the Low Emissivity Argon Gas filled window structures. This will result in reduced carbon impact on the environment.
• Increase in window lifecyles due to the even heat displacement
• Glare and comfort control
• Increased privacy
• Reduction in harmful effects of UV
Given Valdicass Inc.’s existing research base and intellectual property, it expects to fully take advantage of this opportunity to deliver its home impovement solutions. Due to the fact that the core technology is scalable to a number of solutions, Valdicass Inc. is projecting substantial savings to pass on to it’s present and future customer base.
Position Summary
Valdicass Inc. promotes our employees health and welfare with these healthy team drivers:
⦁ Provide an occasional meal or treat
⦁ Celebrate accomplishments and milestones
⦁ Offer flexible work hours or a remote office
⦁ Recognize holidays that are important to our employee demographics
⦁ Offer new challenges and further enrichment to interested team members
Ethical Employees and Volunteers
Valdicass Inc. thinks outside the walls of our building. What interests our team members are cores and values our organization can contribute to:
⦁ Creation of the Valdicass Inc. soccer team, and just for fun games and family gatherings in local parks.
⦁ Community Day – Valdicass Inc.’s monthly day in which we give back to our local community through scheduled community events and activities.
Valdicass Inc. takes a look at the community as well. Partnering with local charities such as Christmas Every Day to make a difference in the community. The experiences we have with this local charity have been enriching beyond our expectations at conception of the program. The relationships we build through community service have also become very valuable and, potentially, financially profitable to Valdicass Inc. and our partners.
Our efforts to make our organization a great place to work have certainly paid off. When people are happy with their employer they are not in any hurry to look elsewhere for employment. This gives Valdicass Inc. a base of committed and motivated employees, saving us on recruitment and training costs.
Marketing and Solicitations
T-shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts, Pens and other marketing tools are regularly distributed to areas of potential customers. Typically to demographics of children and elderly in an effort to promote the business while creating smiles and happiness in others. Always a fun day distributing in local parks and city activities, as our materials are always well received and prominantly worn.
Advertising locally on Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Google have proven highly profitable for Valdicass Inc. as well as attending local contractor events with our partners at Menards, Home Depot and Lowes. A great way to meet and get involved in our community while offering professional advice and alternatives to potential customers.
Comcast 30 second commercial spots will be starting in late October 2017, as we promote our Platinum level Pella Certified Contractor advancement and showcase our nearly 1100 satisfied customers in the Windows and Doors Installation and Replacement industry.
Proudly we boast our compliance with the BBB on our trucks, marketing brochures and social media. We would love to incorporate the BBB Torch as it is a prominant spectacle of good ethics, trust and customer satisfaction to a level of our ethical operations, 100%.
Valdicass Inc. History
Concieved in 2000 by Waldemar Skura, a Polish immigrant, Valdicass Inc. started as a small home based, one truck and one man home improvement company out of Chicago. 2005 Valdicass Inc. purchased the first fully operational trailer outfitted and complemented with the full tooling necessary for Window and Door Installation and Replacement. By 2009 Valdicass Inc. had become a fully operational company with 7 employees and 2 complete trailers complemented with trucks and all necessary tooling. 2012 and to date, Valdicass Inc. operates regularily with 3 fully equipped trailers and an employee base of 9-12 regulated by demand. Growth of Valdicass Inc. is has been calculated by Pella Windows and Doors, a Valdicass Inc. partner at 634%. This has placed Valdicass Inc. in the pemiere level of Platinum Contractor with our partner Pella Windows and Doors, affording our customers deeper savings and incentives we can pass to our customers.