Metamorphosis of interiors not only for the holidays.

Check what solutions will create a cozy atmosphere in your home

Increasingly, we involuntarily croon under the nose “Jinglebells”, and while sweeping the dust from the shelves, we think about what gift will bring a smile on the face of a brother.

Metamorphosis of interiors!

Increasingly, we involuntarily croon under the nose “Jingle bells,” and while sweeping the dust from the shelves, we think about what gift will bring a smile on the face of a brother. The kitchen fills with the aromas of gingerbread, the Christmas tree bends under the weight of colorful glass balls, and the house slowly turns into a magical land. Full of pine branches, moody lamps overhanging stairs, and decorations, which indicate one thing: Holy right, right! Scandinavian living room idea

Pure Wood Collection panels.

For the perpetrators of a cozy atmosphere, additives are always considered – be it Christmas stars and bells, or autumn rowan bouquets of fragrant peony buds. Maybe the fever of pre-holiday preparations is the best time to get on with the metamorphosis of the salon? See how to create the perfect base for Christmas decorations and more!

Red and beauty of raw brick

The color of Christmas is red. It creates a compelling composition with gold, despite appearances, it excellently falls in the company of green needles of spruce, and also looks very elegant next to the silverware. Thanks to the accents in this edition, the room gains harmony and sophistication. Instead of reaching for decorative items, it is worth choosing a significant effect in the form of natural, rusty color. Although the material is usually associated with a harsh industrial style. It is a universal element warming the decor and will work in any style – Scandinavian, classic, loft, and above all Christmas!

The concrete structure of the brick tile will enhance the impression of authenticity, resembling a typical demolition brick, which will be conducive to creating a family atmosphere. Its characteristic feature is a fugue in a different color. This even more strongly strikes the stylish look of the product, which is the best background for traditional gold and red Christmas decorations. The rough, uneven surface can be the basis for a green Christmas tree wrapped in a chain of colorful lights. It will display a handmade DIY wreath or create an original fireplace cover. On whose ledge woolen socks for gifts will hang. Such a wall after the Christmas madness will not be useless, because it will become a background of metal decorations or black accessories in a modern style.

The warm coloring of the tile imitating a real brick is also a proposal for those who dream of a harmonious decor dominated by natural motifs. The wall finished with brick Loft solutions will be the starting point for decorations inspired by the natural world, which constitute a vast pool of ideas – especially during the Christmas season! Just reach for the effective cones, put spruce branches on the fireplace, and put a blooming star of Bethlehem in the large pot to fill the room with a magical aura. The mood spotlighting garlands additionally emphasize the patchy texture of the solution. Will show their three-dimensional face even better, and the presence of natural details will surely delight those who in the arrangement put on simplicity – not only from the holiday.

White as snow and brick!

Although white is associated with cold, it is often the color that is the theme of the holiday decor. It gives the rooms magic and blends in perfectly with the snowy landscape that stretches out the window. The bright color plate will not only brighten up the room and enlarge it optically. It will also be a universal background for accessories in every style and shade! The surface will contrast not only with the darker floor or furniture but even with all decorations. Which will sharpen their shapes and emphasize colors, thanks to which the interior will gain visual quality!

Contrary to appearances, the room will not become sterile and cold, because thanks to the appropriate decorations, we will create a cozy atmosphere! On the irregular texture of the brick, we will display typical Christmas natural reeds. We will hang Santa’s socks on a linen string or – inspired by monochromatic arrangements – with white decorations, and we will conjure up a fairy-tale arctic scenery. Proponents of more chic decorations can bet on a large number of shiny details in gold or silver, and fans of simplicity complement the decor with wood or felt. These are characteristic of the Scandinavian style. It’s all because white brick allows for free selection of equipment and accessories.

Wood and its magical character

A cozy atmosphere is indispensably associated with wood. Instead, instead of putting on a classic herringbone parquet or panels showing oak’s knots, it’s worth choosing original proposals. By decorating the wall with longitudinal concrete planks with a distinctive structure of a hewn beam. We will enrich the interiors with a timeless accent, which, not only during holidays, will be responsible for the phenomenal setting of family meetings. The surface of the solution perfectly reflects the nuances of the real veneer, which completely takes over its universal features. Allowing the creation of a coherent interior – both Christmas with a Christmas tree, as well as every day, decorated in a Scandinavian style, modernvintage, and organic with a vertical garden.

The Pure wall panels also distinguish aesthetics and practicality from the Wood Collection collection. This remarkable composition with a three-dimensional structure, which underlines the natural character of contemporary stylings, will blend in perfectly with the classic white or warm-weather image of concrete and steel. The product can be treated not only as an effective way to finish a single wall in the living room or bedroom. The panel used on a smaller fragment (e.g. the surface around the kitchen island, space next to the fireplace. Even framed in a thick frame) can become an artistic work of art with a warm and harmonious meaning. Wherewith the sounds of carols and hot cocoa in hand, we will feel the beauty even better in this magical period.

The warm harmony that fills the space doesn’t have to appear in the interior with the light of Christmas lights and the scent of a green tree. The walls are perfect surfaces to maintain a cozy atmosphere all year round! Planks finished during the Christmas madness will be the background for all the charming decorations. In the autumn, they will complement the atmosphere created by moody candles and thick plaids, and in the summer, they will open to the ingenious metamorphoses full of freshness and lightness.

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