Flowers for the bedroom – what plants choose for the bedroom?

A bedroom is a unique place for everyone – a very personal space for sleep and rest. It is associated with calmness and relaxation, sometimes spent with a loved one, detachment from the everyday hustle and stress. So you have to arrange it carefully, carefully choosing furniture and decorations.

This also applies to plants – although they can diversify the space and introduce a pleasant atmosphere, not all are suitable for the bedroom. In today’s article, we will explain what to look for when buying plants for the room in which we sleep and tell about plants that purify the air from toxins.

Flowers in the bedroom Human-friendly potted flowers?

To choose the healthiest flowers for the bedroom, first of all we need to learn the physiology of these organisms and fully understand the impact they can have on us. During the process of photosynthesis occurring under the sun, plants absorb carbon dioxide and water, and produce oxygen. However, at night, when the amount of light is necessarily limited, photosynthesis stops and only the breathing process is carried out – after dark the plants take oxygen from the environment and emit water and carbon dioxide.

People who are in contact with too much CO2 have problems concentrating, are tired and sleepy. A feeling of drowsiness in the bedroom? It would seem that there could be nothing better! The matter, however, is not so simple. Increased carbon dioxide during sleep causes the sleepers to breathe quickly and shallowly, moving their head to get as much oxygen as possible. Of course, it affects the quality of sleep and causes that in the morning we do not get up as rested as we should.

The healthiest flowers for the bedroom

In order for our holiday to be successful, the best solution is to provide the bedroom with flowers that will not absorb oxygen at night. Yes, fortunately, they also exist. They are so-called CAM plants, adapted to living in a very dry and hot climate. To save water, they carry out very specific photosynthesis, which is based on on night absorption of carbon dioxide. They will work perfectly as potted flowers for the bedroom. The group of these plants includes succulents, pineapples, orchids, or entanglements. So let’s look around for aloe, coil, or palm. Also, the cactus, although not very friendly at first glance, will positively affect the quality of the air in the bedroom, ionizing it and cleansing it of bacteria.

Plants cleansing the air of toxins

Autumn and winter is the time when air quality is particularly worrying us. Nothing strange – smog arising due to heating furnaces and increased car traffic contributes to many diseases of the respiratory system. Pollutants also penetrate the flats, in which the toxins contained in the wall paint, carpets, adhesives, impregnation are also lurking … The answer to this massive attack of dust and harmful substances can be the ranking of purifying plants prepared by NASA. The American space agency, as a result of scientific research, confirmed the beneficial properties of 29 flower species filtering air from formaldehydes, ammonia, benzene, trichloroethylene, toluene and xylene.

Such properties have even the aforementioned coil , which in addition is a plant that is very easy to grow, without the need for frequent watering or special climatic conditions. Guided by the NASA list for healthy potted plants, the cannabis plant produces large amounts of oxygen, suitable for growing in the hanging containers Sternberg Herbaceous, climbing Epipremnum and common ivy or various types of philodendrons and ficus. The fern in the bedroom will not only help to remove toxins, it will also perfectly moisten the air, and even … neutralize the harmful radiation of the computer or TV. Dracaena will be a particularly good choice for smokers because it effectively absorbs smoke particles.

What flowers to the bedroom, or a little bit of color

Choosing plants that purify the air from toxins, we can also reach for those blooming. For man-friendly pot flowers, there are eye-catching orchids that apart from filtering out harmful substances will please the eyes of a real cornucopia. The decorations of the bedroom will also be checked by a wing with subtle, white petals or a much more distinctive and neutralizing ammonium anthurium. Considered a gerbera flower, its intense color will enliven the interior of every bedroom.

If you do not care about the help of plants in purifying the air, but you want the room to be filled with a delicate aroma, you can buy fragrant flowers. The number one is lavender, whose warm fragrance has relaxation properties. As flowers for the bedroom, try the branches of gardenia or jasmine, whose smell reduces the feeling of tension.

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“If you do not care about the help of plants in purifying the air, but you want the room to be filled with a delicate aroma, you can buy fragrant flowers”.

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