Are Permits Required for Replacing House Windows?

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The Rule of Thumb for Window Replacement

Typically, if your new windows precisely fit the openings in your home, you might not need a government-issued permit. Yet, if installing your replacement windows requires any enlargement of the window opening, even just a few inches, your project will likely need a permit and follow-up inspection from your local building department.
Moreover, for the many homeowners who live in deed-restricted communities, a window replacement project typically requires homeowners association approval. The HOA approval process is distinct from government permitting. HOAs usually ensure that exterior home upgrades maintain the community’s curb appeal standards. So your HOA board will probably consider your proposed windows’ exterior frame color and material and their window style (such as double hung, casement, sliding, or bay) before approving your window replacement project factors unlikely to affect the issuance of a government permit.

Who’s Needed to Get a Window Replacement Permit?

Technically, the property owner is responsible for getting any permits and HOA approvals required for their home remodeling project. This is true even for homeowners who hire contractors for window replacement projects. Therefore, it’s important to ask any window installer you’re considering hiring whether a permit is required for your specific project and whether you or the contractor will obtain it.
You may often be told that procuring the appropriate permit will be part of the contractor’s services. Suppose you work with a licensed, well-established exterior remodeling contractor like Valdicass. In that case, you can feel confident that any permits required will be obtained before the job begins. However, if you have any doubts, you’ll want to check with your local building department to determine whether a window replacement permit is required. If so, you’ll want to ask your contractor for a copy of the permit when it’s time for your new window installation.

Choose a Credentialed Replacement Window Installer

Whether your window replacement project requires a permit or not, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your exterior remodeling contractor will flawlessly install your new windows so they will look and perform as intended. The best way to ensure this result is to entrust your project to a window installation contractor that’s not only highly experienced but also certified to install the windows you select.

Whether you’re in the La Grange area, Naperville, or Oak Park, you can trust the experts at Valdicass. to confidently handle your window replacement project from start to finish. We offer and install some of the industry’s most beautiful and energy-efficient windows, including selections from Pella®Marvin®, and Andersen®. No matter which replacement windows are right for your home, you can feel confident that we’ll meticulously install them according to the manufacturer’s specifications because we’ve gone the extra mile to earn certifications from our manufacturer partners.

Moreover, thanks to our more than 24 years of home window installation experience in the La Grange region, you can depend on us to get any city or county permits you need and help you consider your HOA requirements, if any, during your free window selection consultation with us. Contact Valdicass today for more information.

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