Replacing Windows and Doors in La Grange

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Spring is the season of renewal. The snow melts, and fresh grass and flowers appear in its stead. Leaves start to fill out the branches of trees again. Everything about the season seems to encourage a fresh start, so it makes sense that it’s such a popular season for home improvement projects.
In La Grange, spring is an excellent season for replacing windows and doors. If that’s the case, Valdicass is here for you with this handy spring window and door replacement guide.

When Do You Need to Replace Old Windows and Doors?

Chances are, if you’re planning to replace your windows and doors, you’ve had some issues with them for a while. If your door is swollen, for instance, or your window has a long crack running across it, you know it’s time for a product upgrade. If you’re unsure whether you need replacement, however, consider these factors:

  • How old are your windows and doors? When was the last time someone replaced your windows? If your windows hit the 20-year mark, they may be past their prime. The lifespan of your windows and doors also depends heavily on the quality of the materials and installation. For instance, fiberglass and steel doors may last as long as the house, while wood doors may need to be replaced sooner than you think. If you can’t tell anything from the age of the windows and doors, consider the year the home was built.
  • Do you notice a draft in your home around your windows and doors? Are you turning up the HVAC unit more than you’d prefer to make up for the chill? This is a good indicator that your windows and doors aren’t performing as they should. Ideally, your windows and doors should be securely sealed with little air leakage and high energy efficiency. If it’s a problem with the caulk, you can have that resealed. If it’s the materials, it’s time for a replacement.
  • New looks. Sometimes it’s not the function of the doors and windows but the aesthetics that need an upgrade. If you’re ready for a new look to your home and a fresh coat of paint won’t do it, you might want to shop around for new windows and doors that better fit the style you currently wish for your home.

Advantages of Spring Windows and Doors Replacement

Replacing your windows and doors in the spring is an excellent option for several reasons. First, the temperatures are perfect, and with the later daylight hours of daylight savings time, the workers should be able to finish the work in fewer days. But unlike summer, the kids will still be in school, so you won’t have to coordinate so much to make room for the installation crew. Late spring and summer are considered the best times to sell your home throughout most of the country, so doing repairs in the spring will give the house a fresh makeover that impresses buyers. People also tend to be more energized in the spring to deal with the remodeling projects they need to have completed.

Challenges to Spring Windows and Doors Replacement

Spring also presents its challenges, the most obvious one being, of course, rain delays. April is known for its showers, though spring rain tends to occur in short spurts with periods of sunshine after, as opposed to the lengthy drizzles of fall. Unfortunately, spring is also a busy season for home improvement contractors, so you may have less availability when it comes to scheduling. However, Johnson County Siding & Window team will work with you to choose the most convenient time to schedule your remodeling project. In addition, it will keep you posted within 24-48 hours of the installation if there’s likely to be a rain delay.

Hiring Your Professional Window and Door Installation Team

Many homeowners opt to attempt a DIY project during spring, but the process will go more smoothly if you hire a professional contractor. With the help of a professional installation crew, you can sit back or even leave the house while the work is being done. The installation, the prep work, and the clean-up will all be executed by a team of expert craftsmen, ensuring that your new windows and doors will perform for decades. They can also point you to the most durable, energy-efficient materials to provide the best value and quality for your new windows and doors.

Johnson County Siding & Window Co. could be that professional contractor for you. We have 20+ years of combined experience and offer the highest quality products, like ProVia Entry DoorsPella Windows, and Marvin Windows. Are you interested in replacing your windows and doors this spring? Contact us today.

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