How to Finance Your Exterior Home Remodel in the La Grange Il

No matter how much you love your La Grange home, there’s probably something about it you’d like to change. For example, maybe you recently replaced your roof, and the color of your home’s siding is less than a perfect match. Perhaps your neighbors just completed a home makeover, and your house looks a little drab. Or maybe you’d like to end your workday by pulling into the driveway of a home sporting a new look that makes you feel revitalized, too.

These are all great reasons to invest in an exterior home makeover. But, even better, investing in exterior home remodeling can also help you reap the rewards at resale, according to real estate professionals.

So now comes the big question: How do you pay for the renovations you want? Fortunately, there are several options for financing your exterior home remodel in the La Grange area.

Home Equity Loan

If you have substantial equity in your home, you may be able to tap into it to finance your exterior home remodel. There are two traditional ways to do this: Apply for a new mortgage that includes a cash-out option to pay for home improvements, or get a second mortgage using your residential property as collateral. A third option is a home equity line of credit, a second mortgage that will allow you to draw funds up to the approved loan amount as needed.
Each of these financing options has its pros and cons. The most significant appeal is usually the ability to borrow at a lower interest rate than you’d get with other types of loans. But in all three cases, your home is collateral to secure the loan. This means failure to make the required payments could mean you’d lose your home.

Credit Cards

It may be challenging to finance a sizeable exterior home remodeling project using a single credit card, but credit card financing can be the perfect way to pay for a new front door, garage door, or set of patio doors. For bigger projects, you can spread your home improvement expenses across multiple cards, take advantage of limited-time 0% interest credit cards, and combine credit card financing with cash payments from your savings to reduce the project costs that must be financed.

Home Improvement Loans

For many homeowners, an unsecured personal loan is the best way to finance a sizable exterior home remodel. For homeowners with good or excellent credit scores, unsecured home improvement loans usually carry fixed interest rates lower than credit cards, though higher than home equity borrowing options. In addition, the borrower has a defined repayment period—typically between two and seven years—and a minimum monthly payment that can be incorporated into the household budget.

Partner With an Established Home Remodeling Company

Valdicass has been an exterior home remodeling contractor helping La Grange residents upgrade their homes with new siding, windows, and doors for over 20 years. We’re committed to delivering top-caliber products and artistry, but we also take pride in lowering the stress for homeowners who want to beautify and protect their homes through exterior remodeling. One of the ways we do that is by offering attractive financing options to our customers who qualify.

We’d be delighted to discuss your project if you’re planning an exterior, remodel, or window replacement in the La Grange area. The first step is to reach out to the friendly staff at Valdicass and request a free, in-home consultation. During this no-pressure consultation, one of our representatives can tell you about our products, services, and financing options that can put your dream home within reach. So contact us today to get started.

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