Design your winter hideout.

How to decorate a room in a small space, to be perfect for meeting friends, also to watch your favorite television, reading and listening to music?

Here are some basic rules that will allow you to create really nice rooms.

We start with planning those elements that can not be replaced so easily: floors, walls and fixed walls. They are a background for furniture and accessories. In a small room should be bright, then the interior seems larger and gives the impression of freshness.
Another important principle is simplicity. Simple furniture and clean colors will not make your room look cluttered. The best furniture is modular, as it is possible to combine and match them.
Take care of the high quality finish. In small rooms, all the little things are more noticeable. Arrangement of the room can be gently warmed by accessories. The best solution will be colorful pillows laid out on the sofa, nice to the touch of blankets and fluffy rugs. Such loose compositions consisting of puffs, seats and unobvious places to spend free time, full of relaxation and conversation, foster a social atmosphere in the interior.Cozy room

Limit the color palette, use shades of one color, preferably calm, neutral, bright. We perceive them as more distant – hence the impression of more space. We only introduce sharp, contrasting colors as one small accent.
The room usually has a lot of fabrics: upholstery on the furniture, pillows, curtains, carpet. To avoid chaos, choose one style or the same color scheme. You can build a character by adding airy curtains and shades or using wooden blinds instead of metal blinds.

The small interior should be well-lit. Make sure that there are floor lamps, floor lamps or sconces in addition to the hanging lamp. They will also help determine different usable areas in the room.

The lighting method, the color of the room and decorative details create the atmosphere of the entire interior. Therefore, when arranging the room, which we want to give a cozy character, it is worth paying attention to the proper fit of individual elements.

Each of our guests can feel at ease, finding the most convenient place for them. Thanks to this, both the guest and the householder feel comfortable and free in the space of a cozy room, and that’s the point!

There are many ways to have a cozy room, each has a different set of rules and components. However, one common element must appear absolutely in every arrangement: warm colors, pleasant and comfortable seats, unobtrusive compartments and a multitude of space for talks!

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