Five Ways How To Increase Natural Light in Your Home Hinsdale, IL

Increase Natural Light in Your Home Hinsdale.Hinsdale, IL


Unless you’re a gothic personality from one of Bram Stoker’s books, you might not want to live in a chilly, dark home with shadows. While adding unnatural lighting can be an excellent way to light up dark spaces, nothing exceeds the significance of having natural light in your residence. 

But what do you do if your house lacks natural sunlight? Well, there are many things you can do to amplify the natural light in your home—or, in other terms, there’s more to it than simply opening the curtains. 

With shades and simple placement schemes, you can ensure that your home is always light-filled. Here are five tips that can help you bring more natural light into your residence in Hinsdale, IL.

  • Leveraging the Mirror Magic

Interior designers have permanently used mirrors to make spaces appear more prominent. But did you know that if correctly angled, mirrors can also help catch sunlight? 

You can place them opposite windows and hallways to play with light and create more extensive reflection. This will double the light entering your home and increase your room’s sense of freedom.

You can add taps, metal fixtures, and mirrors for improved lighting. You can also view mirrored ceilings and walls, which can be costly.

  • Using the Proper Paint & Décor

While opaque navy and dark styles may feel warm and comfy, they also absorb a lot of natural light penetrating any room. This is why you should use pastel colors like grey, white, and cream, which can help with a more even light diffusion by acting as a mirror. 

Nevertheless, avoid using brilliant white paint on the walls, which can make your space feel cold. Instead, choose an off-white color to create a more generous effect.

Another gimmick for improving natural light in your residence is painting your ceiling a couple of shades lighter than the walls. This will make the impression of space and height. But make sure you use a slightly lighter shade on the ceiling if you have darker walls.

Also, there’s much more to lightening up colors outside paint. It includes everything from your carpets and rugs to décor, even the color of your sofa. Concerning the flooring, brightening up the room could be comfortable with polished wood, tile, or stone floors.

  • Cleaning the WindowsHinsdale

If you have ever needed a more significant reason to clean your windows, here it is: Messy and dusty windows can block a lot of sunlight from entering your space. Believe it or not, clean windows make your house look more attractive and aesthetically tempting. Thus, you must wash your windows often.

Also, the kind of curtains you use could play a key role in brightening your room. Therefore, avoiding dark curtains and going for lightweight and sheer fabrics is advisable. This would allow for better lighting in your home and ensure your privacy isn’t compromised.

Moreover, it is time for you to get rid of some of those giant portraits hanging on the walls of your place. As sad as it may sound, decorating your home with big paintings inadvertently robs it of much-needed light as they absorb all the sunlight entering your room at your home in Hinsdale, IL.

  • Holding the Light Sources Unobstructed

Empty any clutter that’s stopping the light from entering your space. Think about how you have positioned your furniture: is it in front of a window blocking natural light from entering your home? If yes, it’s time to rethink your design and place everything so the light origins have uncontrolled access to your residence.

If you have bookshelves at your home at Hinsdale, place them perpendicularly against the room’s wall with windows. When set parallel, they block the path of light into the space. Thus, you must strategically consider where to place furniture that restricts light flow.

Separated from personal belongings, trees and shrubs near your home can also block access to natural light in your space. Thus, trim them regularly to prevent light from penetrating your residence.

  • Utilizing Frosted Glass & Bi-Folding Doors

Another sure-shot way to improve the light flow in your Hinsdale, IL, house is to use frosted or tinted glass for doors and windows. Frosted glass makes doors and windows translucent, letting more sunlight enter without compromising privacy.

Setting bi-folding doors in your home can be another excellent way of improving the light inside your residence. Likewise known as sliding doors, these doors spread across an entire wall. Not only do they offer amazing views of your surroundings, but they also let a lot of daylight enter your room.

Key Takeaways

Insignificant modifications to your home could significantly improve its quality of life. While you can even install skylights and French windows, which will permit extended amounts of light into your residence, they involve huge costs and are time-consuming. 

However, increasing the flow of natural sunlight to your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Using some or all of the tips above ensures daylight has better access to your house.

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