What Damage Can Hail Cause to Your House in Burr Ridge?

What Damage Can Hail Cause to Your Home?Storm


Stormy weather, mainly hail, can damage your home in Burr Ridge. 2023 there were 4,768 significant storms, and State Farm paid over $3.2 billion in hail claims.

Do you need help preparing for possible hailstorms? Here are some of the main areas of your home that a storm can impact. With this information, you’ll know precisely what to look for after a storm and which home repairs might need to be made.

  • Your Windows

Hail can rupture and chip your windows, tear screens, or break the glazing. Larger-sized sleet crossing at up to 70 mph can create more vast harm. These pieces can shatter the glass, leaving your interior weak to the components.

Be sure to cover any damages immediately to prevent water damage and harm. Furthermore, consider upgrading to tempered glass, which is safer and more durable.

  • Your Roof

Hail can cause indentations or cracks in your roof. Larger pieces can break tile or tear shingles. You might also notice missing or cracked shingles. Inspect for small dark spots where the hail may have struck off your shingle granules. Also, look for signs of bruising, which can make the shingles feel softer.

Hail can damage other parts of your roof, like chimneys and vents. These issues can weaken your structure if left untreated, leading to water leaks. So, repairing or replacing your roof is best if any hail deterioration occurs. Contemplate installing metal roofing for its impact resistance in Burr Ridge. Also, the more sloped your awning, the easier it is for hail to roll off.

  • Your Siding

Wind-driven hail can drive cracks and holes in your siding. The effects will vary depending on the kind of material you have. Older vinyl siding may lose some flexibility, and wood and metal siding will show dents.

The material can peel if your siding is painted, leaving uncovered wood. If not maintained, it can rot due to the elements. You’ll want to fix any siding damage immediately to prevent future issues, such as leaks.

  • Your Gutters

Gutters are another area vulnerable to hail deterioration. Sleet can dent or ease the screens and downspouts. Dented gutters can lead to leaks or foundation problems, which, if not handled properly, can lead to costly repairs. Ensure you clean your gutters at least once a year to prevent clogging.

  • Your Air Conditioning

Larger pieces can damage the system’s fins, restricting airflow. Improper airflow leads to uncomfortable internal temperatures and can cause your heating unit to operate harder. Hail can even damage the edges or fans, which is more challenging to notice. If fixed over time, the system could continue.

What to do after a storm:

  1. Inspect other parts, like your thermostat wiring, for any signs of wear.
  2. Regularly check and clean your air conditioner.
  3. Change the filter every few months to keep your system functioning perfectly.

What to Do If Your Home in Burr Ridge Is Damaged?

Hail can weaken your home’s structure. If your property in Burr Ridge is affected, here are some actions you can take.

  • Check Your Roof and Siding

After a hail storm, it’s essential to investigate the size of the damage. Begin with your roof and siding since they are the most vulnerable areas. If you need to climb on the roof, consider hiring a specialist. You can ask neighbors or your Homeowner’s Association for trusted recommendations.

Then, check your property for any missing shingles or damaged panels. In addition, inspect your residence for signs of structural harm, such as braking. Your garage door is another place to check for exterior harm, as hail can shorten its initial lifespan if not kept well.

  • Hire a Contractor

Once you spot the damage, you want your roof repaired or replaced immediately. A contractor can also point out any problems you might have missed, like little cracks. The contractor can then make a detailed list of the issues for your insurance agent.

When employing a contractor, know your expectations beforehand and interview numerous people. Do background research on them as well. Check their license, relations, and online reviews.

  • Talk With Your Insurance Agent

What to do after you understand the concerns:

  1. Reach your insurance company.Burr Ridge IL
  2. Carefully check your policy, ensuring it covers wind and hail damage.
  3. Keep in mind filing a claim may increase your insurance rates.
  4. So, define your deductible first.
  5. Assume your deductible is close to what the insurance firm will pay.

It may make more financial sense to cover the fees yourself.

If you decide to file a claim, do it right away. Most companies only allow you a year to file a hail damage claim. Also, keep the receipts for any work accomplished so you can present your claim.

The Results of Hail on Your Residence

Hail storms can generate costly damage to your house in Burr Ridge. Yet, regular inspection of your exterior structure helps minimize the impact. Before the next storm, check this guide to understand the implications of hail. When you turn to a trustworthy window company like Valdicass, you can get professional design assistance for your window replacement project. For more information on selecting the right style of replacement windows for your home in Burr Ridge, ILcontact us today.


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