Solutions for Drafty House Windows in the Burr Ridge Area

3 Solutions for Drafty House Windows in the Burr Ridge Area

If you had a window with broken glass, you’d undoubtedly get it fixed immediately, not just because it posed a safety hazard. You would immediately grasp the impact of incoming outside air on your indoor climate control costs. You might even picture dollar signs floating through the breach until your window is repaired or replaced. You probably wouldn’t dream of procrastinating on window replacement or repair because the consequences are apparent.

Drafty windows, on the other hand, are usually less noticeable. You may even consider them more of a nuisance than an energy-wasting feature of your home. However, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy-inefficient windows can drive up residential energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year. Moreover, a drafty window due to a broken seal could expose your home to water intrusion, leading to wood rot and mold growth.

If you live in the Burr Ridge area, where extreme seasonal temperatures, strong winds, and high humidity are commonplace, you don’t want to ignore drafty windows in your home. Here are three solutions to consider:

1. Replace Window Weather Stripping & Sealants

In some cases, you may be able to reduce the amount of air infiltrating your home through drafty windows by identifying where the air is getting in and replacing the weather stripping or covering cracks in the frame with sealing tape. However, if you have a double-pane window and the glass is fogged between the panes, that’s a common sign of window seal failure. Usually, you’ll need to replace that window to restore its seal integrity and energy efficiency.

2. Invest in Energy-Saving Window Treatments

Adding energy-efficient window treatments to your drafty windows can reduce the outside air infiltrating your home, but it’s not the ideal fix. For example, you can cover your windows with thick, floor-length drapes to keep the air at bay. To get meaningful results, you’ll likely have to invest in custom draperies that are precisely measured and professionally installed so they’ll cover your windows in all the places where air could sneak in. A custom window covering could easily cost as much as replacing your energy-inefficient window.

3. Replace Your Drafty Windows With Energy-Efficient Ones

In many cases, the only real solution for drafty windows is to replace them with high-quality, energy-efficient ones that protect your home from the elements and your wallet from high heating and cooling costs. Therefore, you’ll want to look for a replacement window contractor that offers options that meet or exceed the energy efficiency standards for the Burr Ridge area. You’ll also want to ensure you partner with a window contractor with a proven track record for delivering excellent installations and customer service.

The window replacement contractor in the Burr Ridge area is Valdicass. We offer and expertly install beautiful, Pella energy-efficient house windows from some of the nation’s most recognized brands. We’ve been helping homeowners solve their drafty window woes for over 20 years. So if you’re ready to replace the windows of your Burr Ridge home, contact us today to explore your window replacement options with us.

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