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Choose replacement windows from the experts like Valdicass – Pella Platinum Certified Contractor and transform your space. Our selection of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows are designed and built with exceptional detail and fit virtually any home and budget. If your windows to the world no longer enhance the facade of your house, shield it from the elements or filter out noise, it may be time to replace them with new ones that will complement your homes architecture, reduce your energy bills, increase your comfort, and promote peace and quiet. Replacing windows includes not just the price of the windows but the cost of expert installation to ensure that the windows perform as promised. It pays to shop for both, especially now that retailers and remodelers in many parts of the country experience increased demand for replacement windows. Not only do we remove and install your replacement windows in summer and winter, but at Valdicass, we make sure your window is sealed tight no matter what time of the year you call us for an installation. Double Hung’s are the most popular selling replacement window in Chicago, IL. They feature two tilt-in sashes that make cleaning a breeze

Choose the Right Window

Before you begin to shop, you need to learn the lingo:

  1. Double hung window may be opened from the top and bottom.
  2. Casements open with a crank, which makes them easy to operate. They are especially handy in hard to reach places, such as over the kitchen sink.
  3. Double pane windows are two pieces of glass that may have an inert gas (such as argon or krypton) between them that insulates better than air.
  4. Mullions, or vertical and horizontal dividers, give windows a traditional look; snap-out mullions (also known as simulated divided lite, or sdl) make cleaning easier.

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