Use Siding Options to Style Your Home

The fiber cement board, also known as the Hardie® board, is one of the most preferred siding options in Chicago IL. Known for its adaptability, it can fit almost any house style. Valdicass Inc recommend this siding option to give your house a unique look. Here are some home remodeling suggestions:

Go Traditional James Hardie Siding

Use fiber cement composite siding as a horizontal siding for your traditional house to preserve the property’s history and style. As a testament to how adaptable the material is, contractors say you may not need to repaint it for up to 25 years. That goes for the house, barn, garage, or any other place you want to cover with the siding. It’s also durable, which saves you from expensive maintenance costs.

Modernize the Home

If you’re not a fan of traditional styles, going modern is one route to consider. Fiber cement siding naturally gives you rectangular grids created by the joints, which makes the modern design look effortless. You may also choose to arrange the siding following asymmetric patterns to give the house exterior an ultra-modern look.

Create a Two-Dimensional Look

This look defines the character of your property and gives your house a personality. Achieve a 2D look by filling in the joints with a contrasting color. You may also create a Prairie-style appearance by using fiber cement trims in a contrasting color. Make this seem more contemporary by choosing a color that matches the panels.

Valdicass Inc, a trusted provider of fiber cement, composite, and vinyl siding in Chicago IL, helps you achieve that home style that defines your personality. Let your property speak volumes without ruining its appeal. To know your siding options, call us at 877-842-7762.

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