Vinyl Windows Problems

Vinyl Windows Problems.

Vinyl windows

The first vinyl windows were manufactured in Germany in 1954 by Trocal, a German manufacturer.

Vinyl windows have become the go-to in replacement and new construction markets thanks to their excellent moisture resistance, variety, and value. Vinyl frames also have hollow cavities usually filled with insulation, making vinyl windows thermally superior to wood or aluminum frames. However, despite the above benefits, vinyl windows may develop problems if poorly maintained. 

Typical Problems With Vinyl Windows

Like other window materials, vinyl has distinctive issues that include:

Heat sensitivity

Compared to other window frame materials, vinyl warps faster in extreme temperatures. Although this could happen due to poor installation, it is generally due to vinyl’s flexibility. When warping begins, your vinyl windows lose their appeal, structural integrity, and energy efficiency. 

Seal failure

Like warping, seal failure in vinyl windows is due to extreme temperature changes. The seals will ultimately wear out as the vinyl frames and glass do not contract and expand simultaneously. 

Vulnerability to damage from the elements

Although vinyl is very moisture resistant and will insulate your space well, it tends to show signs of wear and tear sooner than other materials. 


Overall, Are Vinyl Windows Good or Bad?

Vinyl is one of the most popular window materials due to its energy efficiency, which attracts various tax incentives. Vinyl windows also need not be painted, refinished, or stained; the material is highly recyclable. Yet, their performance depends on the brand, installation quality, and the region’s climatic conditions. 

What Are Some Good Vinyl Window Brands?Double hung vinyl window with hidden screen

Whether you are shopping for replacement or new vinyl windows, the following companies manufacture some of the best products today. 


Founded in the 1950s, JELD-WEN has a huge portfolio of vinyl window options, including awning, bay, bow, casement, and single-hung and double-hung windows. Their vinyl windows series include:

  1. Builders Vinyl V-2500
  2. Premium Vinyl V-4500, and
  3. Premium Atlantic Vinyl

It is essential to point out that JELD-WEN only produces new-construction vinyl windows. This means that they are designed for new construction homes and home builders. 


Alside, Associated Materials, Inc.’s subsidiary company, produces siding and window products in the U.S. and Canada. The company produces high-quality and affordable vinyl windows. Its vinyl series has multiple options for most new construction and replacement window needs. The Century line is the most cost-effective series. In contrast, its premium vinyl window series is Mezzo, which features dual-pane insulation, Low-E glass, argon gas, and spacers for enhanced thermal efficiency. 

Pella Windows

Pella was established in 1925 and produces aesthetically pleasing and durable vinyl windows. Pella’s most popular vinyl window series include the 250 Series, Encompass, Defender, and Hurricane Shield, which meet Florida’s strict building codes. The most reasonably priced series is Encompass, available in three colors and different grill options.


The story of ProVia begins in 1977 with the initiative and dedication of founder Bill Mullet. Along the way, the ProVia family of products has grown, as has the cherished family of employees and customers who contribute to the company’s success. Our achievements are the result of many hands working together.

ProVia windows are manufactured to the highest durability, energy efficiency, and security standards. All our doors and windows offer exceptional performance, energy savings, customization options, and lifetime warranties. Replacing windows with ProVia products provides a long-term return on investment and increased security, endurance, and thermal efficiency.

Endure, Aeris, Aspect, and ecoLite window lines offer functionality, energy efficiency, and beauty. The Custom windows ensure a wide variety of looks, with numerous styles and decorative options for finish, glass, and grids, all while providing incredible energy efficiency.


Atrium produces various vinyl windows in different designs and color options, such as azure, bronze, green, gray, laminated, and obscured. The vinyl frames have a multi-chamber design that makes them quite durable. The double and triple-pane options are perfect for insulation and soundproofing. 


Simonton produces some of the most popular vinyl replacement and new construction windows in the U.S.A. Other factors that make this brand popular are its nationwide distribution coverage and reasonable warranty. Simonton’s best-value vinyl windows are their Asure Windows, available in double-hung, fixed, and sliding window styles. For your new construction or a complete exterior remodeling project, go for their premium ProFinish Brickmould vinyl windows. You can choose from various window colors, shapes, styles, operations, and other popular features. 

Key Takeaway

Vinyl windows continue to be among the most preferred window materials nationwide. The above manufacturers offer the best quality vinyl windows and reasonable warranties. However, installing the best windows will only give you a great investment return if installed correctly. Therefore, do your due diligence and work with a reliable contractor. Finally, if you want vinyl windows, call us or visit our showroom for more details. We feature an array of options, all tailored to suit your needs.

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