Who is Pella?

Who is Pella?

Since founding in 1925, Pella Corporations has designed and manufactured windows for homes and businesses. The Iowa-based, family-owned company began in 1925 after its founder, Pete Kuyper, invested in a new window technology for vertical mobility. With nearly a century in business, the company has grown to 10,000+ employees, 17 manufacturing locations, and over 200+ showrooms across the U.S.Pella Logo

Pella Windows Review

Are you tired of vague, old windows in Oak Brook, IL? Are you looking to update the exterior of your residence or company? Replacing your old windows can make all the difference. If you are looking for new windows and buying from the leading brands, we’re here to make your search easier. In this post, we’re discussing Pella Windows.

Does Pella offer replacement windows?

Pella offers a variety of replacement windows in Oak Brook, IL, that you can customize to fit your residence or firm’s needs.

Homeowners rate Pella windows and doors #1 for:

  1. Innovation
  2. Highest Quality
  3. Highest Craftsmanship
  4. Highest Value

Valdicass, a Pella Platinum Elite Certified Contractor, offers free in-home or virtual consultations to determine which window replacement options would be most suitable for your residence or office in Oak Brook, IL.

What styles are Pella windows available in?

Pella windows come in three styles: traditional, Farmhouse, Contemporary, and modern. The company offers five shape sizes, each customizable for different home styles.

What are Pella windows made of?

Customers can choose windows made from vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Pella’s wood windows come with exterior aluminum cladding from its EnduraClad brand. The company’s fiberglass windows allow for long-term durability and “will never rot or corrode, and it resists dents, bends and breaks,” as its website states. Pella’s vinyl windows provide buyers with budget-friendly, low-maintenance choices for their residence or company and a highly efficient option for those looking to save energy.

What colors are Pella windows available in?

Pella windows come in four primary colors: Black, White, Blue, and Brown. They also have 24 exterior colors ranging from Classic White to Brick Red and plenty of interior colors. Each color is unique and can suit your taste, whether you prefer a more contemporary or classic look.

Can Pella windows be customized?

The company boasts nearly seven octillion varieties for windows and doors, giving clients plenty of options when customizing the right window for themselves.

Does Pella offer product warranties?

Yes. Pella products automatically come with a warranty. They also offer limited lifetime warranty coverage for certain products and the Pella Care Guarantee, which is exclusively available to customers who purchase and install products from Valdicass, Pella Platinum Elite Certified Contractor for windows and doors.Trip to Pella

How is Pella Different from Other Window Companies?

Pella provides some of the most affordable product options compared to other companies for those looking to get the most out of their window and door selections on a smaller budget. With their guaranteed product warranties and numerous window selections, customers can have the freedom to mix and match options that are best for their budget.

Deciding on Pella Windows

Prospective homebuyers may not prioritize window designs when deciding on a home, but Pella provides a range of options for buyers looking to maximize their window needs. Depending on geography, style, and material, a window’s placement and durability can make or break a home’s layout, and the variety and budget-friendly price make Pella a continued go-to company in the window and door industry.

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