Windows Replacement Early Summer

Why is early Summer the Best Time to Have Windows Replaced In La Grange?La Grange

The Summer has a way of expanding your burgeoning to-do list. The snow has melted. New flowers have scattered around the landscape, and the sun’s rays beg you to wear your favorite tool belt outside. The Window replacements are probably on your list in La Grange, IL. Unfortunately, these features have several important jobs, generating many issues at the end of their lifespans.
Your windows have a starring role in your insulation, so when they fail, your utility bills skyrocket in response to your overworked HVAC system. They also keep out breezes and let the daylight in.
They make or break your architectural style, so those dated features can destroy your curb appeal single-handedly. So as you throw off your hot water bottle and start reaching out into the world with golf clubs in hand, consider the fate of your windows. This is the perfect moment to replace them.

Repair or replace?

Few homeowners in La Grange have the funds to replace easily repaired windows, so deciding which solution to choose will be your first stop on the replacement journey. While repairs are certainly the right call if your windows are still new, they’re merely short-term solutions if they reach the end of their lifespan. These features last 15 to 30 years, so if you’ve hit the 20-year mark, it might be time to start thinking about replacement.
The repair required plays a key role, too, of course. A tiny crack, stuck sash, or worn exterior casing is easily fixed. Unfortunately, the solution to condensation isn’t as straightforward. In double or triple-glazed windows, it’s a sign that water vapor has penetrated your glazing. Your seal has been compromised, so your insulation isn’t working correctly.
In time, the moisture you can’t access will lead to mold infesting your frames. A repair is unlikely to be adequate if you’re dealing with major structural damage.

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Why is Summer the magic season?

For several reasons, window professionals encourage homeowners to replace their windows in Summer in La Grange. The most obvious of the bunch is the reduced labor cost of performing a replacement without bad weather interruptions. However, Summer is also a better season for forming an accurate diagnosis.
Some ordinary winter weather occurrences masquerade as symptoms, so assessing condensation on a warmer day is best. This will tell your window replacement professionals how severe your problem is, which could save you money that’s better spent on other things.
Your windows are in top form on the day of their installation, and since summer weather brings widespread HVAC use, timing your replacement well will optimize your utility costs. Adding new products with low emissivity glass will reduce heat transfer and loss by 45 to 75%. Add insulating frames and double glazing, and you’ll see that number rise even more.

Improving adhesion

Caulk, films, and other adhesives perform best in warm, dry weather. In winter, your materials will expand and contract, potentially cracking your caulk or causing splitting. In addition, most brands lack silicone and rubber, so they’re best applied when the temperature jumps above 40 degrees. This way, they will cure well and perform for longer.
Latex is particularly sensitive to winter temperatures but will form an exceptional seal in hot weather. Rain can interrupt the adhesion process, too, which will cause poor adhesion while encouraging mold. Summer installations will thus extend the lifespan of your windows and form a more insulating boundary.

Ease of installation

Summer replacements come without weather-related disruptions that can inconvenience you and raise your installation costs. Fine weather will also result in a faster, safer installation process. With longer days on their side, your replacement crew will complete on a tighter deadline to boot.
Therefore, many companies try their best to encourage replacements when the season changes, which means discounts and special offers that can drastically reduce your costs.

The costs of postponing your replacement

Putting the replacement off can attract soaring costs if you’ve found a drafty leak in your windows in La Grange. In addition, even the most minor leak can attract pest infestations, moisture intrusion, and excess humidity. The latter can direly affect your family’s health, triggering asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms. Your windows are also integral to your household security, so a postponed replacement could lead to a burglary.
Energy Star-approved windows are 40% more effective than conventional products so you can save up to $565 a year on utility bills. Summer window replacements aren’t limited to practical benefits, though.
Once you’ve installed your dream fixtures, you’ll want to feel the summer breeze blowing through them and appreciate their view. This is the season for celebrations, so it’s time to celebrate your home.

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